data security

data security statement:

For us the protection and security of your personal data has got a high priority.
Daher halten wir uns strikt an die Regeln des deutschen Bundesdatenschutzgesetzes (BDSG). 
Within the follwoing text we provide you with all necessary information about which kind of personal data might be gathered and for what purpose: 

1. data transmition / data protocolling

 While visiting this web site the web host automatically writes log-files, that are not connected to any special person.
These data include for example the browsertype and -version, used softwre system, referrer URL (the side visited before),
IP-adress of the computer connected, time and date of access and request of the client (filename and URL).
These data will not be collected or analysed by the operator of this web side.
The owner of this web side neither collects data nor forwards these in any kind of commercial or non commercial purpose ! 

2. Usage of personalised data

 The one and only purpohis webside is to give interested visitors the opportunity to take a look at the art works of the paintress
and an overview on the offers of her art studio.
Personalised data will not be stored or analysed by the operator of this webside.
In case some kind of data has to be taken up due to business transaction ( such as the purchase of art work, contract about courses ),
this will only happen in a non elctronic way.
These data will not be handed out to third party, except if this is absolutely inevitable due to legal causes.

3. information, change or deletion of your data

 The operator of this web side will not record or use your data in any electronic way !
Even though you may of course request our providor (Domainfactory) in textform, if and in case in which way
any person related datd is processed or stored.

4. security of your data

 If due to a direct business transaction you provide the art studio Chou-Art with any personal data, this will only happpen in a non electronical way.
Also dealing with these kind of data all necessary organisational security measures will be taken,
so that no third party might get illegal access to your data.
When sending sensible data or information it is advisable to chose the postal way,
because a complete data safety might not be guaranteed by electronical mail.

5. Information about Google Analytics and comparable services

 The operator of this web side does not use *Google Analytics or any other web analysing service.

The operator himself has neither information about any activeties that Google or other search engines
you used to access this side may perform nor the chance to influence these.
Therefore the operator of this web side does not take any responsibility for activeties of third parties !
This is also valid if you choose to follow the web links displayed on this web side.
The data policies on these sides are in the responsibility of their operators and therefor have to be checked on those sides individually.

( * Google Analytics is a web analyse service of Google Inc. („Google“).
Google Analytics uses so called „cookies“, these are textfiles, which are stored to the hard drive of your computer
and allow to analyze the web sides visited by you.
These cookie generate information about your use of these websides (including your IP-adress)
that will be transmited to and stored on a Google server in the USA.
Google will use the information, to analyze your usage of the visited web sides,
to reports your web activeties to the webside operators
and to provide further services that have to do with the usage of web sides and the internet.
Also Google might forward these informations to third parties in case the is necessary due to legeslation,
or the third party is working with these data by order of Google.
Google will not combine your IP-Adresse with further data of Google.
within the settings in your browser you can disable websides from placing cookies on your computer.

6. Cookies

 On some of our sides so called "session-cookies" might be used,
to ease the usage of the web side.
These are temporary textfiles, that are only stored on your hard drive for the duration of your visit on this web side.
Dependant on the settings of your browser these will be deleted immediately after you leave this web side.
These cookies do not retrieve any kind of personal information from your hard drive and do as well not affect your PC or its datd.
Most browser settings are configured to automatically accept cookies by default.
You may as well refuse the storing of cookies within your browser, or configure it so that it informr you before cookies are set.

7. changes in this data security statement

 Due to offer you the best possible protection of your personal data we might update this statement from time to time.
So you will stay up to date as well due to our services and our efforts to protect your privacy.
In case of any relevant changes to our way of handling personal data, we will keep you informed in a good visible way on this webside .
By using this webside you declare your agreement the terms of this guide line for protection of your personal data.
In case of any questions related to this regulations you may contact us.
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