further services by Chou-Art


Beside from the portfolio preparation, courses, the painting and the commission works I also offer further services.

These cover restauration of old paintings, wall design and mural as also colour and Feng-Shui-guidance.

In rooms which are designed in harmonic colours and aligned to the constructional facts and light circumstances
you can only feel better.

And a wall designed with a mural is a eyecatcher for any room.

Therefore my offer is as well adresses private persons as companies.

Already during my school and study times by order of a third party I did many of these works with great success
and during the last years more and more under my own Name.

references from own projects


medical practice Dr. Niggemann
in Detmold-Heiligenkirchen
colour guidance for wall design and interior decoration (2010)


dentist Becker
in Detmold
mural (2010)


Forum Maria-Theresia
in Oerlinghausen
murals and colour guidance(2003)


* all compareble works which where done by order of a third party,
   as well as works done for private customers are not listed here
   due to their privacy !
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