Be heartly welcomed to visit my website !

On these pages I want to give you a chance to get a glimps on my paintings
and that way an impression of my work. 
You can regard my works which I created with different materials and techniques and for various occasions.

These are various works, which have been created as works on demand or paintings,
illustrations and burlesque to which I had spontanous inspirations, but also many other stuff ...

But best take a look and judge for yourself.
One picture can say more than a thousand words -
and pictures are what you can find on the following pages ...  ;-)


A few additional words:
All pictures of my paintings and drawings you can find on my website are endowed with watersigns.
Also it is important to keep in mind that any PC-monitor displays the colour in a different way,
varying strongly from model to model and some details of the drawings do only come across within the original. 
So the pleasure that regarding the original works might bring along canīt be guarantied within a website.


If you enjoyed the first impressions of what was to be seen on these pages you are welcomed to visit my studio to take a look on some originals. But please be so kind and take care to consult me first so we can make an appointment.

Or just visit me on one of my exhibitions.

The dates and places of these are displayed a few lines
further down on this page
as also in the event calendar of auch-kreativ.

If desired I can also inform you personally.
Therefor just send me your e-mail.



Here you find a preview of my studio. Visitors are always welcome !

If you visited me earlier and liked the place and my work, please come again someday and tell other people about.

And ofcourse friendly entries to my guestbook are also welcome. 





Every latest piece of my work can also be found on this page, updated in regular periods:





displayed in one of the recent exhibitions "moonlight shopping":




current exhibition:


February 27th 2016 till August 31th 2021 in

touring exhibition throughout Taiwan



last update: Aug. 15th 2020


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