The courses I offer at my studio are addressed to anyone who´s interested, independant from previous knowledge.
Self-evident the class is open to women as well as men and has no restrictions concerning the age.

The course offers also includes portfolio preparation !
This is of special interest for anyone who intends to apply at a technical college or university for studies in design, architekture or art.

 The education has the aim to advance creativity and flexibility in handling different materials and techniques.

You´ll learn to bring colour, shape, perspective and light in a harmonic unision and train your power of observation 
 and ability to covert these into you artwork.

Therefor it is left open to you weather you choose to work with graphite, coal, ink, acrylic, watercolour, oil or any other technique.
The content of the courses is not narrowly defined but designed by the pupils interests and desires, what they would like to 
try out.
 This includes the possibility to learn calligraphy and chinese ink painting.

At any time you yourself which drawing or painting technique you would like to take up or bring to perfection,
weather you want to paint the abstract or graphic way as well as which motives you choose.

 In the ideal case you already have an idea in the prefield about the motive you would like to draw and bring along a if given picture or something else as a sample.

During the class I try to encourage the pupils, to develop their talent as autonomous as possible by giving them freedom to experiment with the works. 

 Whenever problems occur techniques will be commented and practically displayed.

 As a basic principle I am very much concerned to create a special harmonic and relaxing atmosphere during  
the teaching time to give the pupils more than just some painting lessons !



course times:

Tue.: 10:00 – 19:00

Wed.: 14:00 – 19:00

Tue.: 14:00 – 19:00

fees for courses per hour:

fix contract             =     11 Euro / hour

variable contract   =     15 Euro / hour

without contract     =     25 Euro / hour



If you are interested we may make an apointment for trial painting.

Material have to be brought along if available.
If you got interested in some non-binding trial painting, I am already looking forward to welcome you to my studio

 Please fix an appointment time first.


By the way I also offer  credit notes  for courses ...


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