Besondere Formate o. Motive






The origin of the works shown on these pages is my own motivation and inspiration. 


The ideas came up very differently, many have been inspired by watching the surrounding enviroment, especuially nature. Others evolve from dreams or spontanous thoughts.


Ofcourse these works are for sale. Some have already been sold.


If you are interested in any of them you can contact me at any time for questions about availibility and price.
Anyway you also have the chance to make an appointment to come and visit my studio to take a look on the originals.


But mainly I am delighted if you like enjoy regarding my paintings !
If you do like them please feel free to spread the web-address amongst friends and relatives, so that they get a chance to enjoy too. 


Interesting oportunities for further exhibitions are ofcourse welcome


Some of the works shown on the following pages are not only available as paintings.
They were for example used as lithograph for bookmarks and totes.


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